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Nguper Afiemo

Name: Nguper Afiemo
Profession: Teaching
Industry: Education
Years of service: 10
Education: B.ed degree in Education
Country of residence: Nigeria

Nguper Afiemo is an educator and a graduate of Pre-primary and primary education from a Nigerian University. She is an extremely passionate and selfless educator who is taking giant strides to make impact in the educational sector of Nigeria, even if it means doing so within her immediate community for a start. She has been known for her unstoppable drive for self-improvement and that of other teachers. She is part of a school management team and holds the trust of many when it comes to matters of education.

Nguper is the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Consultant of Lighthaven educational services. An organization with a vision to essentially facilitate the raising of confident children. Her conviction is that if the teachers and the parents get it right, the children under them will too. Hence, the organisation’s commitment to building and training up teachers and even parents in many different ways, geared towards the achievement of its vision. Under the platform of Lighthaven, she has trained scores of teachers in diverse areas, across a range of issues pertaining to 21st century education.

She is the lead burden bearer and convener of an annual Educator’s retreat; “PARADIGM SHIFT” whose maiden edition in August 2019, had over 40 teachers in the North in attendance. The retreat is an opportunity to host both teachers from the private and public sectors for a given period (few days) in order for deep reflections, mind shifts/resets as well as deep decisions for improvement to take place, in readiness for a new session.

As an educator, she has always been known to uphold and promote nothing but excellence in practice. This has announced her too many times and her growth and advancement as an educator is largely hinged on her unquenchable desire for excellence. She attracts and is attracted to people of excellence. She believes that all teachers need to acquire this excellence culture in order to stand out and make a real difference.

She lives in Abuja currently, is a wife and a mother of two young children.

Nguper Afiemo

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