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Meet Sim Shagaya founder of uLesson

To weather the coming economic storm, business leaders will have to be decisive and think deeply about what they prioritize for their companies.

That’s according to Sim Shagaya, founder of uLesson and an experienced entrepreneur in the African technology space. 

Shagaya was the guest for TechCabal’s first edition of Building in Tough Times, a series of live conversations with ecosystem players.

“This period calls for leaders to be incredibly decisive and to basically think about what is priority. Literally, what the business will need to survive and sell,” Shagaya says.

In his view, the coming economic downturn will impact businesses in four major areas: the funding environment, purchasing power of customers, macroeconomic conditions, and internal operations.

Like most commentators, Shagaya foresees a shrink in the influx of venture money into companies on the continent. 

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