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Solar power is now much cheaper than Eskom

Solar power is now much cheaper than Eskom

A solar installation can produce electricity at roughly half the price Eskom currently charges South African households, NuPower’s Murray van Graan revealed.

This makes solar power with battery backups a popular option in South Africa, which is blessed with lots of sunshine but cursed with an unstable electricity supply.

Many households and businesses realised the benefits of a solar installation and the industry has been booming in recent years. In fact, solar installations have become so prevalent that Eskom had to react to protect its main revenue stream.

In a recent presentation to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa, Eskom unveiled a new electricity price structure aimed at stemming the loss in revenue from South Africans using solar panels to generate their own electricity.

The power utility’s current pricing structure includes fixed connection charges and electricity tariffs based on usage. The latter makes up the bulk of what users pay. This means people can significantly reduce their electricity bill by installing a solar solution and reduce their Eskom usage.

Eskom now wants to change this by increasing the fixed connection charges and reduce electricity usage charges. This will result in significantly higher monthly bills for people with solar installations.

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