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Meet Emeka Ajene, Co-founder, Gozem

Emeka Ajene has always believed that, for technology solutions that work best for the West African market, particularly in Nigeria, innovators are better off looking to East Asia rather than American or European markets. 

For one, the infrastructure deficits of many West African countries when compared to more advanced and efficient systems in the West simply mean that some technology innovations are already doomed to fail from the onset by virtue of weak frameworks upon which they fail to thrive. 

When you add other economic indices and factor in what users are willing and able to pay for between both regions, the disparities are very significant. 

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Ajene moved to the US at age six. He obtained a degree in Math and Economics and went on to teach college  Mathematics before moving to Shanghai, China where he taught SAT prep classes for six months. Back in the US, Ajene had developed an interest in business and the internet and started looking for opportunities to join an internet company.

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