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A New SolarWinds Malware Strain Is Discovered

SolarWinds: it’s the hack that keeps on growing. On Monday, researchers announced the discovery of yet another malware strain used by foreign hackers to infiltrate a wide milieu of American government agencies and companies.

Cybersecurity firm Symantec reported Monday its discovery of “Raindrop,” a “loader” (a remote access tool) that was responsible for delivering a Cobalt Strike beacon payload (a post-compromise agent that hackers use to stealthily penetrate deeper into a victim’s network). With Raindrop, the hackers were able to set up shop in a select number of target computers in order to conduct surveillance, researchers said.

This latest discovery brings the total number of SolarWinds-related malware to four. Between this and the three other known strains (Teardrop, Sunspot, and Sunburst), security researchers are surely running out of monikers that sound like the names of bad prog-rock bands.

Also revealed Tuesday was yet another apparent victim in the ongoing cyber nightmare: Malwarebytes, a cybersecurity and anti-malware software company, which reported that the same hackers who have wreaked so much havoc elsewhere appear to have also accessed their internal emails.

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