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Code red at Eskom

Code red at Eskom

Eskom’s latest system status report has shown that there is a high likelihood of load-shedding for the next three months with severe electricity shortages expected.

As part of its system status report, Eskom published its maintenance plan and the “planned risk level” of outages. As there is the potential for further outages, it also provided a “likely risk scenario” includes an additional 2,000MW of outages on the base plan. According to Eskom’s three-month outlook, the likely scenario is an average of 16,200MW of outages until April.

Eskom divided its risk level into four categories:

  • Green – Adequate generation to meet demand and reserves.
  • Yellow – Smaller than 1,000MW possibly short to meet reserves.
  • Orange – 1,001MW to 2,000MW definitely short to meet reserves and possibly demand.
  • Red – Over 2,001MW short to meet demand and reserves.

The outlook between 11 January 2021 and 12 April 2021 shows that the likely risk scenario is in the red every week over this period.

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