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Financial Literacy! Understanding the Basic Concepts.

Financial Literacy! Understanding the Basic Concepts.

Take a moment to reflect on 2020 and start making better financial decisions in 2021 by becoming financially literate.

Join our Founder and CEO Rukayyat Kolawole, CFA, MBA as she presents this in-depth workshop on basic concepts of financial literacy to help you make better financial decisions.

Rukayyat Kolawole knows what it feels like to believe financial choice and stability are for other people. Research shows that only 33% of world population is financially literate. Financial literacy does not equate to our level of education. A lot of highly educated people are still missing the basics.

After building a successful career at Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and BMCE Bank International, managing her client’s portfolios, she set about building her company to empower others to act on their financial and investment goals. Her experiences fuelled a deeply held belief in the power of financial empowerment to change lives.

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