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Why mines are increasingly adopting renewable energy

Why mines are increasingly adopting renewable energy

A recent discussion on the Africa Mining Forum Digital Event on investment in power projects by the mining industry, explored why mines were increasingly using renewable energy, following a global trend where in 76% in the global economy, renewable energy is now the cheapest to generate bulk electricity.

The discussion titled Reshaping energy capital flows to drive positive investment into mining” explored the appetite of mining companies for alternative sources of energy and looked at the different models that were available, especially at the exploration stage. 

Taking part in this session were:

  • Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor-at-large, Smart Energy International
  • Panelist: Kwasi Ampofo, Metals Analyst at BloombergNEF
  • Panelist: Solomon Asamoah, CEO of the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund and former Vice President for Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration at the African Development Bank.

Now also covering transport, industry and buildings in addition to its traditional focus on the power sector, a major finding of the BloombergNEF’s annual New Energy Outlook (NEO), which was published just prior to this Africa Mining Forum’s energy discussion, was the growth in clean energy technology.

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