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AKSA Power Generation is growing rapidly in African Market

Aksa Power Generation is a part of Kazancı Holding who is the leading group in energy industry. Aksa is operating in manufacturing, technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in power generation and energy systems. Aksa is selling diesel generators, portable generators, marine generators, natural gas generators, control panels, sound proofed canopies and lighting towers to 173 countries.

The production zones are located in Turkey, China (The biggest gen-sets production plant of the world) and USA. Aksa has also recently opened its trade center in the Netherlands.

Aksa has 8 offices in Africa, from North (Algeria Office) to South (South Africa Office). Aksa increases its sales forcely by focusing on new countries which are high potential and readiness for investment. Currently, new offices Kenya and Sudan have just opened, Senegal Office will be soon.

R&D facilities are located in Istanbul-Turkey and Changzhou-China by employing the highest calibre engineers and developing hardware and software solutions to provide world-class high-quality products. 

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Source: SweetCrudeReports

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