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Expect Fuel Price Increase In January, IES Tells Ghanaians

Expect Fuel Price Increase In January, IES Tells Ghanaians

The Institute for Energy Security (IES) has projected that the price of fuel would increase marginally in the first pricing window of January, 2021.

Institute for Energy Security stated that its projection was based on the prices of fuel which appreciated during the second pricing-window of December 2020.

“Price of petroleum products within the second Pricing-window of December 2020 saw majority of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) increasing prices of Gasoline and Gasoil at the pump. The current national average price of fuel per litre at the pump is pegged at GH¢4.79

“For this Pricing-window, Zen Petroleum, Benab Oil, Petrosol and Frimps Oil sold the lowest price per litre of Gasoline and Gasoil at the pump according to IES Market-Scan,” a statement from the energy experts said.

On the world oil market, IES noted that Brent crude price within the period increased by 5.03% in average price with the commodity being sold at $51.06 per barrel mark from the previous window’s average price of $48.82 per barrel mark.

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Source: OrientEnergyReview

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