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OML 59: NOSDRA, stakeholders berate Conoil over oil spill

OML 59: NOSDRA, stakeholders berate Conoil over oil spill

Stakeholders have raised concerns over the impact of the operations of an indigenous oil firm, Conoil Producing Limited and the company’s insensitivity to the environment. This is as a result of company’s nonchalant attitude towards the leaks from its facility known as ‘Aunty Julie platform’ within Oil Mining Lease 59, at Otuo Oilfield well 13, in Bayelsa State, since September 3rd, 2020.

To this end, the National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency, NOSDRA has expressed regrets over Conoil’s insensitivity to the sustenance of the environment where it operates and was yet to respond to an undersea leaks from the said facility. Director General of NOSDRA, Idris Musa, in December 2020 had confirmed the incident and berated the company for operating in breach of regulatory guidelines.

Musa noted that the indigenous oil firm was in the habit of causing avoidable spills and had been sanctioned for degrading the environment, yet nothing has changed. “This oil company has been spilling oil for a period of time now. And we just got this report, from what we found it is from an underwater pipeline under pressure creating bubbles on the water surface.

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