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Power expansion: Nigeria to add 6 coal, 9 gas plants by 2037

Nigeria is to add six coal and nine gas power generating plants to its 23 existing plants by 2037, SweetcrudeReports findings have shown. This makes it a total of 15 power plants expected to come on stream by 2037.

An additional 15 plants would see the country’s struggling power generation leap by 11,163 megawatts, MW. Ashaka, one of the coal plants, would come on stream by 2034, and is expected to add 64MW to the national grid.

Other coal plants – Ramos expected in 2034 will add 1000MW; Ashaka/TPGL to come on stream in 2034, will add 500MW; Nasarawa coal power (2034) will add 500MW; Benue coal power expected in 2037, will add 1200MW; while Enugu coal power to come on stream by 2037, will add 2,000MW to the grid.

 The nine gas plants in the pipeline include Total/NNPC Obite  plant expected in 2031 and which will add 420MW to the grid. Anambra state IPP by 2031 will add 528MW, Knox’s 501MW will add 501MW by 2031.

Other gas plants: Delta State IPP expected by 2032 will generate 500MW, Benco’s 700MW plant will come on stream by 2033, Kaduna (NNPC power business plan), 900MW is expected to come on stream by 2034, Fortune Electric’s two plants are expected by 2035 and would add a total of 1,000MW to the grid, while Gwagwalada’s CCGT’s 1,350MW is expected by 2037.

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Source: SweetCrudeReports

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