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Solar power could be the green energy solution for Congo

Solar power could be the green energy solution for Congo

The Loudima family in Congo have long been without electricity  but they have found an environmental solution:  solar power.  In the remote districts of Pointe Noire,  the Congolese start-up Hélios Électricité has installed a solar power plant.

“I am very happy to have the solar panels, I installed 10 solar panels, It powers my 52-inch plasma television, two freezers and even a two-horsepower air conditioner,” the father of the family told Africanews.  According to the World Bank, nearly half of the Congolese population does not have access to electricity.

Cheaper bills and a greener future. Congo is one of the top five oil producers in Sub-Saharan Africa. But d espite its rich energy resources, the electrification rate is low, especially in rural areas, mainly because of a lack of electricity infrastructure. But solar power could be the future as it is also said to be cheaper for households. 

“What we did for our client, Mr. Loudima, is a solar power plant of 3000 megawatt peak which is composed of 10 solar modules of 300 watt each and a 3 KVA inverter, this system falls within the scope of  what we want to do for our customers, namely to provide them with autonomy in electricity,” said Laslande Moutoundou; Head of Study and Development Helios Electricity. 

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Source: AfricaNews

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