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Salihat Rahman

NameSalihat Rahman
Industry: Architecture
Years of service:
10+ years
Education: BSC Architecture, Masters of Environmental Design MED
Country of residence: Nigeria
Salihat ‘Rahaman is the Founder and CEO of AbayaLagos, a luxury modest wear clothing company for women, that exists to promote a positive identity for generations across cultural and religious backgrounds. She is also an ARCON registered architect, and has been in professional practice for over ten years since 2006. Her areas of specialization span over various building types, primarily commercial and hospitality buildings.

Her experience in professional architectural consultancy is garnered from work experience at UAC Property Development Company and Design Group Nigeria Ltd, where after 9 years she rose to the position of Executive Director until her resignation in 2018 to run her own clothing company full time.

Salihat holds a Bachelor of Science, (BSc. Architecture) as well as a Masters of Environmental design, (MED Architecture), both obtained at the University of Lagos, Akoka. She is affiliated with the International Facility Management Association, (IFMA), Nigeria Chapter, where she has served on the Panel of Judges for their annual Facility Management Awards.

Salihat is actively involved in various creative projects and charity endeavours. She currently sits on the Executive Committee of the International Women’s Society, Nigeria, a non-profit organisation that focuses on the needs of women and children. She also sits on the Board of Directors of EasyGas Energy Solutions, an LPG retail company that promotes the adoption of cleaner energy sources.

Salihat Rahman

Salamat Rahman

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