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Nigeria launches autogas push

Nigeria launches autogas push

Nigeria has launched a push to increase the use of autogas with a high-profile event in Abuja.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said the National Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP) launch “secured the realisation of government’s commitments to domestic gas utilisation”. Autogas will provide an alternative to petrol.

Gas is a catalyst for the Nigerian economy, Buhari said, providing “cleaner, safer and better energy options” for the country. The resource has previously “been used sub optimally” because of a shortage of gas processing facilities. The government is encouraging greater domestic consumption of LNG, CNG and LPG.

“The autogas initiative is coming at the right time, especially in light of global crude oil fluctuations coupled with the deregulation of the local [petrol] market,” the president said. The use of autogas “will not only cushion the effect of downstream deregulation but also create new markets and enormous job opportunities for our people”.

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Source: EnergyVoice

Nigeria launches autogas push

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