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Case study: Using satellite for remote drilling in Algeria

Case study: Using satellite for remote drilling in Algeria

The challenge

Like many organisations across the oil and gas industry, Berkine’s operations are characterised by far-flung drilling sites, adverse environments and demanding operating conditions, in order to respond to the growing global demand for energy. As potential drilling sites become harder to find, exploratory teams are being sent to ever more remote and hostile locations in the Berkine Basin, Algeria, where cellular connectivity is non-existent.

However; reliable connectivity is critical to these teams as they sink exploratory wells and share high volumes of data back to central drilling management teams to update them on progress, helping them reduce find time and improve operational efficiency. Further, working on remote exploratory and production sites for extended periods can not only be an isolating experience, but it also presents Berkine with several health and safety challenges.

To ensure that communication and real-time data transfer between their drilling sites and central management teams is possible, Berkine had an existing VSAT (very-small-aperture terminal) satellite solution in place. However, due to the nature and remoteness of its operations, Berkine encountered situations where coverage was intermittent or even non-existent at various drilling sites. As such, they needed a more reliable, highly portable satellite connectivity solution that would ensure field teams could get connected within minutes of arriving on-site or in an emergency.

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