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How the UK is getting ahead in Mozambique in anticipation of BREXIT

How the UK is getting ahead in Mozambique in anticipation of BREXIT

For the past few years, the thoughts of BREXIT have been a constant part of my thoughts. As we approach the deadline, I have been looking closer into its aftermath and the consequences for Southern Africa.

I’ve acknowledged before and I will mention again the fact that the actions taken by the UK regarding Africa have been truly remarkable. The enormous effort that the government has and still is undertaking, in order to keep the UK a strong and competitive trade player in the continent are nothing short of extraordinary and we are already beginning to see results.

In a much-anticipated virtual visit to Mozambique last week, Her Majesty’s Deputy Trade Commissioner for Africa, Alastair Long held a number of meetings with some of the country’s senior government officials and key players in the private sector.

The meetings included the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Permanent Secretary H.E. Teodoro Candido Vales, the Permanent Secretary for the Minister of Land and Environment H.E. Emilia Dique Fumo and leaders in the agro industrial, land mapping and renewable energy sectors such as Maragra Sugar (An Associated British Foods Company), AgDevCo, Ordnance Survey and Globeleq.

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