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NLPGA To Host Its 10th International Annual LPG Conference, Virtually

NLPGA To Host Its 10th International Annual LPG Conference, Virtually

The Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA) is set to host its 10th International Annual LPG Conference. The NLPGA in a statement said that this year’s edition, slated for December 4, 2020, will be the first of its annual conference to be hosted virtually, due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and in alignment with social distancing precautions.

It noted that the first-ever virtual conference will focus on accelerating economic recovery through gas. The theme is “LPG: Pivoting Economic Recovery for Households and Industries in Nigeria and Africa”.  According to the organisers, the discourse will focus on interrogating industry issues, proffering actionable and measurable solutions towards achieving an accelerated Post-COVID 19 economic recovery, with gas as a pivotal enabler.

It further stated that this year’s conference will be a convergence of globally acclaimed thought leaders, critical decision-makers, and stakeholders in the LPG markets across Nigeria, Africa, and the world in both the private and the public sectors. “Owing to the economic upheavals experienced globally, it is the response of every forward-thinking organisation to identify actions and amplify sector-driven solutions towards rebuilding the economy.

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