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Improved battery technology vital to renewables market

Improved battery technology vital to renewables market

According to a report by the International Energy Agency, renewable energy will make up almost half of sub-Saharan Africa’s power generation growth by 2040. The uptake is largely because of improved technology, greater regulations promoting access and massive reductions in cost.

Improving access to reliable and sustainable energy will be critical for economic and social development on the continent. This is the view of Daniel Goldstuck, head of energy storage services at the SOLA Group and speaker at the solar and energy storage event, Solar Power Africa.

The majority of national grids are designed in a way that requires a consistent and equal balance between electricity supply and demand to function properly. Goldstuck says that one of the biggest challenges that utilities face is when the electricity system cannot carry enough energy to meet the demands of consumers or cannot distribute the excess energy across constrained networks.

“The integration of bulk energy storage into an electricity grid can help utilities mitigate costs and reduce the chance of blackouts, particularly during periods of high demand or intermittency, which may eventually be a concern with mass integration of solar and wind power,” he adds.  

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