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IPPs are developing more than just energy plants in Africa

IPPs are developing more than just energy plants in Africa

Private equity company Actis recently hosted a digital dialogue – Sustainable Power Development: Contributing to Solutions – at the Digital Energy Festival, to paint a different picture about the roles that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) are playing beyond developing energy plants in Africa.

“We’re hosting this digital dialogue to demonstrate to you how our investments in the sustainable power development sector are contributing to solutions,” stated the session moderator, James Magor, Director for Responsible Investment at Actis.

The speakers included Jennifer Boca, head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Lekela; Libby Hirshon environmental social and governance director at BioTherm Energy and Seynabou Ba, head of ESG Azura Power.

Magor noted that a sustainable power sector in Africa must be about more than generating electrons. More than checking boxes for lenders, more than painting classrooms, and much more than handing out football kits. “Power plants cannot operate in isolation from society.”

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