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Threat Intelligence done right is a window into the world of your adversary.

The modern threat landscape is I vast, complex, and constantly evolving. The idea that businesses can be fully secured against any and all potential threats has become untenable. Threat intelligence done right is a window into the world of your adversary. Vendors and service providers are aiming to empower organizations by alerting them to the specific threat vectors and attacks they face, as well as how they should be prioritized for protection and prevention Gartner defines threat intelligence as “evidence-based knowledge, including context mechanisms, indicators, implications, and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging men ace or hazard to assets that can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.

This definition high lights the three factors that distinguish threat intelligence from mere data and information. If any of these requirements are missing, more pro cessing is required before information can be considered threat intelligence As you begin the process of selecting a threat intelligence solution you’ll want to be sure you’ve clearly defined your needs, as well as have a good understanding of vendor capabilities. This short guide will pose 11 key questions and their implications to help inform your decision on selecting a solution that delivers intelligence-driven security.

Threat intelligence comes in many different “flavors” and categories, and deciding which is best for your organization largely depends on your intended use cases. To help you identify your area of need, we subdivide threat intelligence into four categories and their targeted use cases: Operational Threat Intelligence. This is related to specific, impending attacks and is often consumed by senior security staff. This is what comes to mind most commonly when people think of threat intelligence, the ability to identify when and where attacks will come in advance.

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