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PGS expands Angola MegaSurvey in Lower Congo Basin

PGS recently expanded the Angola MegaSurvey to include Block 16 PSTM GeoStreamer data, increasing 3D seismic data coverage over the prolific Lower Congo Basin. Block 16 and multiple blocks in the surrounding area are included in the 2021 license round, making this an interesting target for future exploration.

Angola Exploration Strategy Approved

In October 2020, the Angola 2020-2025 Hydrocarbon Exploration Strategy was approved under Presidential Decree No. 282/20. The strategy aims to boost oil and gas exploration in order to mitigate the country’s declining production. Short term, the focus is on maximizing exploration within development areas such as the Lower Congo Basin.  

Angola MegaSurvey Updates

  • Block 16 GeoStreamer coverage adds a further 3 684 sq. km of broadband data in the Lower Congo Basin
  • Total coverage of Angola MegaSurvey is now over 45 000 sq. km
  • Additional Block 16 deliverables, including PSDM data, are available as an upgraded package

‘Several blocks covered by this new expanded Angola MegaSurvey dataset will be included as part of the ANPG scheduled 2021 License Round. This is a highly prolific region and the 3D seismic will enable companies to evaluate areas ahead of license round bid submission, encouraging further exploration,’ says Christine Roche, Sales Manager Africa Mediterranean and Middle East at PGS.

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