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Bukola Olawuyi

Name: Bukola Olawuyi
Profession: Cake Artist
Industry: Food
Years of service:
Education: Bsc Agronomy (University of Ibadan,  Nigeria)
Country of residence: Ghana
I absolutely love baking. Growing up, my mum used to make a lot of treats like Cakes, Cookies & Ice cream for the family. I guess that was when my passion for baking started. I remember I was always intrigued whenever I saw cakes at parties especially weddings. I used to wonder how they were created.

In the year 2000, while in the university, I decided to take advantage of a long semester break to learn the art of cake baking and decorating professionally. I made a lot of cakes and developed a lot of client base while I was in the University. After graduation, I went into the cake business full time and I haven’t stopped ever since. I honed my skills and fell in love with using cakes to make extraordinary objects that have the Wow! effect.

Recently, I began another passion of mine… Teaching. I love teaching people how to bake especially children. Children are highly creative and imaginative. They remind me of myself when I was younger…eager, inquisitive and determined. Seeing the joy on their faces when they accomplish their tasks just melts my heart. So far I have been able to teach about 500 children since I started a practical online Baking class via Zoom called Kids Can Bake.
I also started an Adult and Teen online class called ‘The Baking room’; where I teach different recipes and share my experiences. Its been such an exciting journey so far and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


  1. Sefunmi Oreoluwa Oladapo
    02nd Nov 2020 Reply

    Cakes by Baked By Tulips (BBT) are truly a wonderful experience! Excellent cakes with equally excellent service.
    The Baking room is also an great platform engaging kids as well as adults and teenagers on the skill and art of baking. It builds confidence and competence in these kids and it goes a long way in family bonding. Great initiative that deserved recognition, if you ask me.
    And plus she is a pretty amazing woman! Glad to see you’re recognised on this platform.

  2. Opeloyemi
    02nd Nov 2020 Reply

    Baked by Tulips to the world. More grease to your elbow Sis

  3. Ibekwe Nelo Achebe
    02nd Nov 2020 Reply

    I know her! She made my wedding cake. She is excellent at what she does. I so loved the cake. And I love all her cakes that I tasted.

  4. Isaac
    02nd Nov 2020 Reply

    Quite inspiring.Great grace 💪💪💪

  5. Dupe Adereti
    04th Nov 2020 Reply

    She made my traditional wedding cake about 16 years ago and it left a lingering ahmazinggggg taste in mouth…. many many many years later.

  6. Banke ADENIJI
    04th Nov 2020 Reply

    Bucky does make very lovely cakes, she is always my first choice when I need cakes. So happy for her nomination.

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