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Reforms attract multinationals to mining sector – president

Reforms attract multinationals to mining sector – president

Angolan president João Lourenço announced Thursday that Angolan mining sector has signed contracts with the multinational Anglo-American for the prospecting and exploration of silver, copper, nickel and platinum.

According to João Lourenço, who was speaking at the National Assembly on the State of the Nation, the attraction of this large multinational and others to the Angolan mining market is the result of the measures adopted to make the mining sector more attractive.

In addition to Anglo-American, the Angolan mining authorities also signed a contract with the company Tosyali, aimed at reactivating the Cassinga mining project and building a steel plant in Namibe. The Head of State underlined that the year was also marked by the export of the first batch of gold produced in the province of Huíla.

In the oil and gas sub-sector, given the relevant role it has in the Angolan economy, he stressed that it will continue to deserve priority. And in order to face the decline in oil production that has been registered in recent years, he indicated that the Government approved Angola’s 2020-2025 Hydrocarbon Exploration Strategy.

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