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European Union Ambassadors Support Libya’s NOC

European Union Ambassadors Support Libya’s NOC

The National Oil Corporation (NOC)’s Chairman of the Board Eng. Mustafa Sanalla received His Excellency the Ambassador and Head of the European Union Mission to Libya and Their Excellency Ambassadors of European Union States (Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Finland, Poland Netherlands and Hungary) on Saturday 10 October 2020 at NOC headquarters (Sareer Hall) in Tripoli.

At the beginning of the meeting Chairman of the Board Eng. Mustafa Sanalla welcomed the Ambassadors expressing his gratefulness for the support that the European Union countries provide to the National Oil Corporation. He started the meeting by illustrating the activities of the National Oil Corporation at this stage, as being the backbone of the Libyan economy, and the maintenance operations currently conducted in some fields in addition to the gradual resumption of production operations in the oil locations and fields concurrently with the improvement of security and logistics situations in those fields, insuring the safety of oil sector workers in the first place as well as to preserve the petroleum installations which represent the Libyan people’s wealth.

For their part, the European Union Ambassadors expressed their appreciation for the great effort that the National Oil Corporation has been exerting throughout the past years by maintaining the production rates to support the national economy despite of the difficult circumstances that face the State of Libya. They also commended the leadership role played by the National Oil Corporation as being the first Libyan sovereign entity that followed the principle of transparency and good governance through publishing the data of oil exports revenues in a transparent and professional way since 2018.

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