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Zimbabwe ethanol production plant to generate excess electricity

Zimbabwe ethanol production plant to generate excess electricity

Green Fuel’s ethanol facility in Chisumbanje, Zimbabwe is expanding its mill operations with a new high-pressure boiler to increase energy recovery. Electrical and instrumentation engineering and project management services company Zest WEG will supply a TGM planetary gearbox with a WEG variable speed drive (VSD) and WEG medium voltage motor for the latest mill expansion at the plant.

Leandro Magro, steam turbines manager at Zest WEG, said the equipment is destined for the new sugar cane crushing mill #6 at Green Fuel’s state-of-the-art ethanol facility in south-eastern Zimbabwe. The plant produces high-grade anhydrous ethanol, with a high-pressure boiler and TGM steam turbine generator set to increase energy recovery. This will allow the plant to not only be self-sufficient in its energy needs but also generate excess electricity.

The ethanol project employs more than 3,000 people in its agricultural and industrial operations and its ethanol product not only produces less greenhouse gas emissions than unleaded petrol but can be sold more cheaply.

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