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Solar power, in clear view

Solar power, in clear view

When the sun doesn’t shine, there is no solar power. That’s not strictly true, but if you’re talking about powering a large industrialised city, it could prove challenging.

Most cities aiming for a 100% renewable energy mix will make use of a backup system and battery storage technology. They may even elect to import thermal energy from across their borders. These cities are applauded for tackling the complexities of having a reliable, affordable and completely clean energy mix that is available when needed – and in so doing, are a motivator for the solar industry to up the game.

The industry should explore the African market to test the mettle of products. The continent’s solar irradiance has been recorded as having some of the highest in the world. However, while this market has a specific need—in that off-grid is the main area for development—there are cities, commercial and industrial businesses, and mining companies that are hungry for sustainable solar power solutions.

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