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South Africa speaks openly about its nuclear power plans

South Africa speaks openly about its nuclear power plans

Nuclear power will continue to play a vital role in South Africa’s energy mix, said minister of mineral resources and energy, Gwede Mantashe, while delivering his speech on the occasion of the 64th session of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) general conference.

Mantashe noted that in addition to energy security, there is a bigger role for nuclear in clean energy initiatives, to transition the country from high to low carbon emissions, while expanding its power sources at the same time. “I applaud the IAEA for the theme “Atoms for Peace and Development”, which directs us to intellectually take up the role of nuclear technology. We must educate society that nuclear is, in many ways, a technology of the future.

“In a continent like ours, Africa, where we are confronted with diseases like cancer, ebola, malaria and others, the medicinal role of nuclear is beyond question. South Africa is committed to contribute towards enhancing African development, including through the peaceful use of nuclear energy, science, and technology. COVID-19 has re-emphasised the importance of global solidarity to deal with these challenges in a collaborative manner,” said the minister.

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