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Nuclear associations of South Africa demand construction new plants

Nuclear associations of South Africa demand construction new plants

South Africa’s nuclear professional associations have issued a general call to reboot the local nuclear industry. In a statement released to the media NECSA scientist Thomas Sibiya said the associations had gathered to demonstrate their support for the nuclear industry at Pretoria-Sunnyside Jubilee Park on Saturday. The demonstration was in support of nuclear technology and nuclear industries expansion.

Six professional associations – Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA); South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society (SAYNPS); Women in Nuclear of South Africa (WINSA); Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA); The South African Vest Group; and Nehawu Nuclear Energy Workers – highlighted the following in the belief that nuclear energy could solve the country’s load shedding woes.

Sibiya said the demonstration was held in the hope of highlighting the idea that unlocking the stagnation of growth in nuclear industries over the past three decades could provide clean abundant energy, sustainable employment and subsequent invigoration of the economy.

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