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Libya’s parties demand equal division of oil

Libya’s parties demand equal division of oil

As Libya prepares to resume oil production, concerns have been raised over who supervises its export and how to ensure oil revenue will be divided equally among interested parties.

Commander Khalifa Hifter, whose east-based forces led a failed yearlong siege to take the capital, Tripoli, from the U.N.-backed government announced Friday that his forces would allow the Libyan oil facilities to start operating again for the first time since January “with conditions that ensure a fair distribution of revenue.”

Officials, politicians and observers considered the move by Hifter a gesture that would overcome the obstacles to a possible comprehensive Libyan consensus. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government in the east of the country, Dr. Abdisalam al-Badri, hailed the move as a positive step. “The decision was clear and very important, as it addressed all the demands of the Libyan people, which are fairness in distribution (of revenues) and not to waste oil resources (on war),” he said, speaking from Benghazi.

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