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How to Fix Transfer Stuck at 99% When Copying Large Files

How to Fix Transfer Stuck at 99% When Copying Large Files

Normally when I try to copy or move files, especially large files from my computer to a flash disk or vice versa, the transfer process normally moves smoothly up to 99%. At 99%, it either fails or gets stuck for a few moments before finishing. Sometimes, it can get stuck for even longer. Does this happen to you too? Well, I will show you why and how you can prevent this in the future.

First of all, it is worth noting that the time estimation by Windows as you are transferring files is not accurate. Therefore, your computer might indicate that you have 5 seconds to complete the transfer and in the end, it lasts 1 or more minutes. This might just be an issue of poor time estimation by your computer.

Reasons for Slow Data Transfer

  • Old Devices: Naturally, all devices tend to lose swiftness as they get older. The constant carrying around, accumulation of dust, and frequent use will cause the device to malfunction and slow down over time, as compared to when they were brand new.
  • Type and Size of Files: Small audio, video, and text files usually transfer faster than large ones. Also, multimedia files with lower resolution transfer faster than those with high resolution.
  • USB Port Version: Although two USB ports and cables might look identical, they don’t necessarily have the same capabilities. That’s because USB standards have improved over the years and therefore the hardware that sends and receives information is faster. With a newer port version, like USB Port 3.2, data will transfer faster.

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