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Top 6 Tech Pranks You Should Know

Top 6 Tech Pranks You Should Know

Pranks are entertaining. They are one of the few things in life that if not all, most people enjoy doing. There is probably once in your life that you have pranked someone or you’ve been pranked. How was the feeling? Though sometimes we get angry with pranks, the entertaining factor of it cannot be over-looked. If you are a tech-savvy person, there are few tech pranks you can play on your victim’s computer.

Flip The Computer Display Upside Down

This is a prank that will keep your victim busy 24/7 working on something he is confused about fixing. I nearly got slapped by my dad when I played this prank on him. Care to try?

  • On Windows – Press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key from the keyboard navigation keys. ( The same combination with the Up arrow will return the Desktop to normalcy ). If for some reasons the keys do not work for you, right-click on the Desktop>Display Settings and change the screen orientation.
  • On Mac – Press and hold Command + Option, whiles holding the keys, go to System Preferences. Navigate to Display whiles still holding the keys, A new menu called Rotation should appear, you can flip the display and press ok to maintain it or you can select Undo to keep your default settings.

Switch The Keyboard Layout To DVORAK

The default keyboard layout is QWERTY, but if you want to mess up somebody, this is an alternative. It’s easy but entertaining, all you have to do is enable the DVORAK alternative keyboard layout that most average people are not familiar with.

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