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OPL 245: Eni insists money paid followed due process

OPL 245: Eni insists money paid followed due process

Italian firm Eni has insisted that the money it paid for the acquisition of Nigeria’s Oil Prospecting License, OPL 245 followed due processes.

The firm, in a statement, reiterated its stand on the matter, saying it was “highly disappointed” that prosecutors continue to use flows of money which occurred after the company paid for the OPL 245 license as evidence, in order to support its accusations of corruption against the company.

“Payment for OPL 245 was made directly to the Nigerian government, in a clear, linear and transparent manner using an internationally-renowned bank. Eni was not aware, and was in no way required to be aware, of any flows of funds following its direct payment,” the statement read.

The clarification came after the Nigerian government appealed before a Milan court on Wednesday to demand that Eni and Royal Dutch Shell pay $1.092 billion as an immediate advance payment for damages in one of the oil industry’s biggest-ever corruption scandals.

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