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Oil and Gas Exploration in Namibia, Liberia and Ghana: Looking to the Future

Oil and Gas Exploration in Namibia, Liberia and Ghana: Looking to the Future

Namibia, Liberia and Ghana are set to share their latest and most exciting oil and gas developments in a series of dedicated roundtable discussions aimed at showcasing hydrocarbon potential and investment opportunities at the largest gathering of Africa’s upstream community this year.

Despite the challenges faced during 2020, the oil and gas industry seems to be on an overall upturn. Changes may be slow, and subtle, but exploration interest across the world is beginning to revive, and we are seeing increased optimism in hydrocarbon exploration activity across Africa.

Many African countries are actively looking to the future wellbeing of their natural resource sectors with much exciting news to announce in the coming months. We are witnessing governments adjusting to a new world order, for example by making positive amendments to their bid terms to attract investments into the development of their oil and gas resources, and an increased participation in virtual events in order to showcase their nation’s hydrocarbon prospectivity and potential.

Perhaps most noticeable of these countries for us are Liberia, Ghana and Namibia, all of which share admirable enthusiasm in facilitating future commercial hydrocarbon discoveries, by proactively adapting to the world we live in today and its economic climate. One of the best ways for countries to share this information and generate interest are at dedicated roundtable discussions – pooling together energy leaders and industry experts to showcase potential and make deals happen.

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