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Energy storage: South Africa’s new ‘gold rush’

Energy storage: South Africa’s new ‘gold rush’

Is it bad to say that the pandemic has been good for the world? As we live through troubling economic and societal times as a result of COVID-19-related lockdowns there is also the spark of opportunity.

The past five months have been a good time to reflect. There are many intrepid minds who are now considering the possibilities of reshaping our world. One group of such bold thinkers is at the South African National Energy Association (SANEA). In June the association launched its third Risk Report. With the increased level of uncertainty in the country’s power market, the report highlights the uncertainties and whether those uncertainties can become positive or negative risks. 

According to SANEA’s secretary-general, Wendy Poulton, shifting South Africa’s energy transition trajectory will be the equivalent of finding gold in South Africa over a hundred years ago. As the report’s author, she argues that the opportunities associated with embracing the energy transition include:

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