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10 things you must consider to keep a check on your electricity bill

10 things you must consider to keep a check on your electricity bill

Let’s face this- there is nobody who does not want to keep a check on their electricity bills. But the reality is these bills always come with a surprise. Every time we have them in our hands, they make us wonder whether there are any ways we can bring them down.

If you are also one of those individuals looking to save some greens while going green, you must consider the factors that will help you do this. One idea that has always worked for people in this category is manipulating things within their homes for achieving ideal temperature.

But succumbing to this temptation is not always wise! Being mindful of some essential tips that can help you lower your electricity bill is necessary. Fight back with the factors to consider below and bring down your energy bills:

1. Get Rid of the Energy Drainers

Ready to make significant savings? Before even understanding the different electricity rates, such as, Philadelphia Electricity Rates, New York electricity rates, or New Jersey Electricity Rates, you need to understand which appliances are the biggest energy drainers. These will account for the significant part of your energy bill.

Cooling and heating use approximately half of the electricity in a home while dryers, washers, and water heaters account for one-fourth of the total energy usage.

10 things you must consider to keep a check on your electricity bill 4

The smaller appliances like electric ovens, refrigerators, TVs, and DVDs use a lower portion of the total energy. It’s just next to impossible to stop using these things. But you can use them in moderation to cut back on electric usage.

2. Go for Smart Switches

Now, when it comes to saving electricity rates, choose smarter switches. These can help you save a lot of dollars every year. You can opt for wireless switches or the ones installed in junction boxes.

You even have the option of buying light fixtures featuring in-built motion sensors. Besides, you can use timers for controlling bath fans. But make sure the timer you are going for is duly rated for the motors and not just for the lighting.

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