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South African fuel cell technology company to be developed

South African fuel cell technology company to be developed

The Development Bank of South Africa and the Industrial Development Corporation have committed project development funding to create a South African stationary fuel cell technology business. The funding is to complete a feasibility study into the bankability of a stationary fuel cell energy solution. The project would aim to strengthen the local energy sector by creating locally-produced fuel cell technology.

The primary objective of the project, called Mitochondria Energy Company, would be the design of a 250kW fuel cell system, construction of a facility to commercially manufacture the fuel cell units and then the sale of said units. Secondary objectives of the project include stimulating the demand for fuel cell energy systems to encourage its use as a clean energy source for industrial use and promoting the use of combined heat and power from fuel cells.

A fuel cell is an electro-chemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a fuel (such as hydrogen) and an oxidising agent (e.g. oxygen) into electricity through a pair of oxidation-reduction reactions. Fuel cells work like batteries, but they do not run down or need recharging. The cells continue producing electricity and heat as long as their fuel stays available.

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