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How much you will pay to cancel Eskom and go off-grid

How much you will pay to cancel Eskom and go off-grid

Load-shedding has once again become a daily reality in South Africa, and experts predict that South Africans should brace for many more years of rotational blackouts in the country.

The CSIR recently published a presentation which said South Africans should expect load-shedding to get significantly worse over the next three years.

Energy expert Ted Blom agreed with the CSIR’s findings and added that his own projections extend to load-shedding for at least the next five years after Eskom signed on the opening of new coal mines to feed its current coal fleet.

Blom said that the predictions could change if Eskom decided to start importing extra power from power barges or new power islands.

To manage the disruptive impact of load-shedding, South Africans with the means are looking for ways to break their dependence on Eskom for electricity.

Whether through using backup generators or batteries and solar power, many people are searching for ways to beat the blackouts.

This raises the question: how much would it cost to go completely off-grid and not have to rely on Eskom at all?

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