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Update: Global Aid in Mauritius Oil Clean-Up Efforts

Update: Global Aid in Mauritius Oil Clean-Up Efforts

Global clean-up efforts in the powder-blue waters along the Mauritian coastline after a shipwreck last month — that caused a leak of more than 1,000 tonnes of oil was declared an environmental emergency, A situation even more dire after the vessel split in two.

French minister of overseas territories, Sebastian Lecornu, who stated that at least 10 months of work will be necessary to accomplish the task, supervised the pollution-effects mitigation activity Sunday. This came after a stop in La reunion to warn of the potential reach of the spills to their island’s waters. India also sent 28 tonnes of equipment including booms, barges and skimmers with a 10 member team from their national coast guard.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has come under fire for supposedly doing too little the ship ran aground. A sentiment echoed by opposition leaders. His government has vowed to seek compensation from the vessel owner and the insurer of the ship for “all losses and damages” caused by the spill — including the costs of clean-up.

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