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Mauritius arrests captain of ship that spilled oil

Mauritius arrests captain of ship that spilled oil

The captain of the ship that spilled tons of oil onto the coast of Mauritius was arrested on Tuesday, according to local media . 

Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and his second mate Tilak ratna Suboda were charged with endangering safe navigation. They are being held in prison until August 25, when they will reappear in court. 

The Japanese vessel, Wakashio, ran aground on a coral reef, Pointe d’Esny, on 25 July, near two marine ecosystems. 

Strong waves caused the ship to start leaking oil on August 6.

The vessel later split in two over the weekend. The rear part is stranded on the reef with about 90 tonnes of fuel onboard. 

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Source: AfricaNews

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