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Uganda Joins the EITI

The EITI Board has approved Uganda’s application to join the EITI, making it the EITI’s 54th member country and the 26th in Africa.

EITI Board Chair, Rt Hon. Helen Clark, welcomed Uganda to the EITI community: “EITI implementation can help lay the foundation for transparent and accountable management of the country’s natural resource wealth. We welcome Uganda as an implementing country and look forward to the EITI promoting inclusive public debate.”

In accordance with the EITI Standard, Uganda is required to publish the required information (typically through an EITI Report) within 18 months of being admitted as an EITI implementing country (i.e., by 12 February 2022). Validation will commence within two and a half years of becoming a candidate (i.e., 12 February 2023).

EITI Uganda’s candidature application form, together with supporting documentation, were approved by the MSG on 2 August 2020 with the official candidature application handed over on 11th August 2020 .

Source: OilnewsKenya

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