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PETROAN Calls for Stakeholders’ Review of Petrol Pricing

The recent price change in the petroleum pump price by the Petroleum Products Price Regulation Agency (PPPRA), has drawn various reactions from the downstream stakeholders in the oil and gas sector.

The agency insist that the monthly guiding prices would still allow reasonable returns to operators. Many of the stakeholder operators like IPMAN, MOMAN, and PETROAN complain of the effect of the price changes to their business.

However, while most of these groups, including the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), have called for possible street protest against the government, the PETROAN President, Dr Billy Gillis-Harry, in this interview, holds a different opinion. Harry, president of Bilview Energy Limited, insists that only a round-table, stakeholders’ engagement between the various downstream group operators, the leadership of PPPRA, NNPC, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), and the ministry of petroleum resources, will solve the problem.

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Source: OrientEnergyReview

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