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Bridging the Fossil fuel production gap for a just, sustainable and resilient recovery

This London Climate Action Week Event will feature researchers and government and UN officials to preview the 2020 Production Gap Report.

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Climate Home Acting Editor Megan Darby will moderate this online event, which brings together researchers, and government and UN officials to preview emerging findings from the 2020 Production Gap Report.

The Production Gap Report was first published in 2019 by leading research institutions and the UN Environment Programme. It highlights the alarming discrepancy between plans for coal, oil, and gas production and levels consistent with Paris goals. A 2020 special issue will speak to changes in energy markets and government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic to shore up, expand, or transition oil, gas, and coal industries.

In this online event, panellists will explore what these changes might mean for the production gap, and how a managed and equitable transition away from fossil fuel production can contribute to a sustainable, just, and resilient recovery.

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