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Trudy Morgan

I have over 30 years’ experience in project-based assignments, where I have successfully applied my engineering, consulting and project management skills in the construction, education and transportation sectors to public and private sector clients.

I have combined logic and analytical skills from my engineering background with business management, commercial and team leadership skills to provide a financial and strategic capability that is relevant to today’s ever-changing business environment. I have acquired unique skillsets working from large infrastructure projects to sensitive, disaster response projects in the West African sub-region.

I am breaking barriers in Sierra Leone as the co-founder of the Sierra Leone Women Engineers and the first female Vice President of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers.

I have worked with the Prince’s Foundation for Building Communities project to providing a unique training structure which involved training a combined group of graduates, skilled professionals and illiterate construction workers on the basics of structural design.

I recently led a successful bid that won funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK)’s Africa Catalyst programme to undertake a pilot project training graduates in necessary cognitive and behavioural skills to improve their employment prospects. The successful implementation of that project led to successful submission for a larger (more complex) grant from the RAE.

I have been the ICE Representative in Sierra Leone since 2012

Nwabisa Gigi

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