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Dr Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu

Name: Dr Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu
Profession: Engineering
Industry: Environmental
Years of Service: 14
Education: B.Eng, M.Eng, PhD
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Food and Agricultural Organisation of United Nations reported that over 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally producing over 3.3 giga tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Health and Safety Executives (HSE) stated that micro-organisms may grow quickly on organic wastes such as vegetation and food waste producing bio-aerosols when waste is collected
and handled, and especially when composted leading to long-term health problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
At IntelliDigest, our vision is to combine biotech and deep-tech software in developing the most user-friendly/safe/odour free/profitable experience for our customers to convert food waste to technical grade chemicals at home and in the work place using our novel/patented ID Box and IntelliTrade platform. Our solution enhances resource efficiency, ensuring that inedible food waste are turned to technical grade chemicals that last longer in circulation, reducing demand for use of virgin plastics from fossil fuel, deforestation and growing of new crops on fertile land for boosting the bioeconomy.
Food waste put into ID Box is automatically analysed using sensors and the composition of food waste is determined using artificial intelligence; permitting the optimised dose of our novel mix of enzyme (enzymix) that breaks down the complex food waste to simple technical grade chemicals that are biodegradable and climate friendly. The technical grade chemicals are analysed and dried with details of their chemical composition transferred on IntelliTrade platform for purchase by packaging manufacturers. Once the technical grade chemicals are purchased; the ID Box user sends the technical grade chemical in a 50kg pouch to the packaging manufacturers through the post.
IntelliTrade platform, is a blockchain driven platform that enable businesses in the packaging manufacturing sector to identify the composition of the technical grade chemicals produced from ID Box, purchase them for their manufacturing, account for the use of recyclate in their manufacturing platform, notify us of the products manufactured using the recyclate and trace the upcycling of the products in ID Box. 

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