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Women in Tech Africa presents “Bytes & Banter”

You are not alone in the current situation. The COVID-19 Pandemic has opened a plethora of challenges and possibilities that affect our careers, businesses and our mental health.
Would you like to know how female leaders from different industries are coping today and what challenges they are facing? How are they overcoming this and is there anything we can take away to help us ?

Our guest is Nike Anani, She is a NextGen Coach and Mentor, focused on building multigenerational African businesses and multigenerational wealth.
She is the promoter and CEO of Nike Anani Practice Ltd (“NAPL”). Nike assists second-generation family members (“NextGens”) in maximizing their leadership effectiveness for service in the family business and discovering and pursuing their unique purpose.
Nike has almost a decade of experience working in African family businesses, both as a co-founder and separately as a next-generation family member in her parents’ businesses. She is the author of “Building Resilient Family Enterprises” and co-founder of African Family Firms, a pan-African association of family businesses.
Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you online!

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