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Africa At An Energy Crossroads

Africa is at an energy crossroads! The continent’s best educated, most entrepreneurial and competitive generation is rising and taking on leadership positions that will propel African companies to become more competitive.
After such a long time dealing with the problems of the past, Africans can now look to the future. After all, when it comes to natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, diamonds, rare earths, wood and agricultural potential, combined with legacy-free technological development, there is no place like Africa.

Over the last decade, most of the world’s biggest oil and gas discoveries have been on the African continent, and rapidly developing indigenous companies, along with ambitious local content policies, are ensuring resources serve Africans and African economies.

Oil and gas training programmes and university degrees that cater to the industry are now more common than ever. These programs are educating and giving opportunities for numerous Africans to find work in the energy industry and further, to start their own companies within the industry’s supply chain.

While the drive to strengthen the integration of the energy sector and other extractive industries with the rest of the economic system is far from complete, it has certainly been fundamental in developing Nigeria’s indigenous upstream sector or in building a truly native gas industry in Equatorial Guinea.

In Nigeria for example, this critical mass of local talent has been instrumental in the establishment of regional energy giants like Seplat Petroleum, Sahara Energy, Atlas Petroleum International Limited and Shoreline Natural Resources, whose influence is felt more and more beyond Nigeria’s borders.

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