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Lena Rosenior

Name: Lena Rosenior
Profession: Founder & CEO De Graft Management (DGM)
Industry: Software Development/Property & Asset Management
Years of Service: 25+ years
Education: Graduate and Professional Member of the Chartered Institute for I.T
Country of Residence: United Kingdom

As a female tech founder and one of four sisters (and one brother) I have always worked extremely well with women so there is a considerable female presence within the DGM team however everyone at is judged on ability and we value the huge contributions made by the men in the team.  In a traditionally male dominated sector it is important as women to invest in ourselves, our skills and knowledge.
DGM is an award winning Property & Asset Management software allows our clients to track their properties and physical assets locally and save money and time globally. We have offices in Accra and Nairobi and work with banks, insurance companies and housing providers. Our USP is our local in-country presence which allows us to nurture close relationships with clients and deliver practical, usable systems. This has been critical in understanding the challenges our clients’ face, securing local contacts and building lasting commercial relationships.
I believe in continual growth both personally and in the business. We never stop growing and learning. My advice to young women starting their tech journey is to invest in education, attend industry events, find a mentor who is successful in your field and grow your network. It is also important to build a network across industries and globally to support your business growth. Finally it helps to have a ‘can do’ attitude. I have a reputation for saying yes to most things, taking massive action and finding a way. I also remember to enjoy the ride!

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