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Nnenna M. Jones

Name: Nnenna M. Jones
Profession: Lawyer / Entrepreneur
Industry: Legal / Non-Profit
Years of service: 11 years
Education: Master’s in Marine and Environmental Law (University of Capetown, SA)
                     Graduate Certificate: Small business and Entrepreneurship (SMU Cox
                     Business School, Dallas, Texas)
                     Call to Bar: The Nigerian Law School
                     Bachelors in Law- Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
Country of Residence: United States

Nnenna M. Jones is a seasoned lawyer with over a decade of experience in the legal industry coupled with a drive to inspire and empower others. Her educational backgrounds, trainings and experiences reflect an impressive history of legal advisory roles in Germany, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States.

Ms. Jones holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Law. She received her Master’s in Marine and Environmental Law from the University of South Africa in 2011. There, she developed a passion for the law of the sea. After graduation and in recognition of her professional achievements, she was selected to represent Nigeria in the 6th Summer Academy held by the International Foundation of the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany. There, she participated in the moot court Tournament held in the court room of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

As a professional with diverse interests and a heart to empower, she developed interest in Immigration law- purely borne out of humanitarian concerns. This is reflected by her resilience in fighting for victims of domestic violence to gain legal status in the US and the move to provide low cost legal assistance. Presently, she is accredited to practice US immigration law by the United States Department of Justice. Additionally, she is an associate in Castlegate Law firm in Abuja, Nigeria. Her practice focuses primarily on corporate legal matters, probate, Immigration and Family Law.

Ms. Jones has a flair for developing businesses to provide solution in the legal sector for the underrepresented.  Her love for entrepreneurship heightened after she gained a graduate certificate in small business and entrepreneurship from SMU Cox Business School, Dallas, Texas. She chairs the board of a non-profit organization (Immigrants Help Initiative), runs a document preparation business (Mijae Document Preparation Services) and a notary business (8 to 8 Notary), all domiciled in Texas. No matter what hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple – to empower survivors of domestic violence by helping with their legal status in the US and to provide low cost legal assistance to the underrepresented in the United States and Nigeria.

When she’s not caught working, she is making memories with her son, and also uses photography as zen-meditation.



  1. Terry
    24th Dec 2019 Reply

    Glad to see young Africans doing it right🤞👌

  2. Gigi
    31st Dec 2019 Reply

    Good Job, lady. Women are changing the world!

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