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Bola Olagoke

Bola Olagoke

Name:  Bola Olagoke
Profession:  Sales/ Business Development
Education:  B.A Linguistics (University of Ilorin)
                      MBA (Lagos Business School)
Industry: Media, Financial Services, Branding
Years of Service:  13
Country of Residence:  Nigeria
As a Sales and Business Development professional, my primary task is to help Organisations increase their bottom line while meeting client needs and adding measurable value. Over the years, I’ve been involved in B2B and B2C Sales in various sectors including media and financial services. This experience has afforded me the opportunity of building a robust network.

I understand very much the importance of excellent interpersonal skills as well as customer relationship management. I have worked on various teams that developed strategies that increased revenue and market share.

I enjoy writing and stringing words together. I’m fascinated by digital marketing and that’s the reason I’m gradually moving into that field by taking new courses in that area. I recognise that traditional marketing is gradually giving way to digital and it’s key to stay on top of current trends to benefit me and my clients.

For leisure, I love reading, listening to music, visiting new places, meeting new people and trying out new cuisine.

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